Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cross Rivers on the Ottawa and the 3 Legged Chicken Man

I just got a couple photos the other day of the CR 125 on the river.
I had Polk Deters. All 64 185 pounds of him and Zack from the World
Class Kayaking Academy checking out the latest version of the CR 125.
So I figured I would throw up some pictures. Since I haven't gotten the video
edited yet. I should be able to get it loaded up in the next week as well as an up date
on the Ottawa River Festival Event.

Oh yeah I forgot to show you all this video I got of the 3 legged Chicken man the other
day on the Chattooga. The footage of the 3 legged chicken isn't that cool but the dude that
showed us the 3 legged chicken was a classic.
I hope you enjoy.
3 Legged Chicken Man Video Link

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