Monday, September 26, 2005

Cheoah River Release 2005

The Cheoah is one of those runs that we all wanted to do when I worked at NOC. We had heard some stories from back before the drought when it ran huge and there were big waves and holes and stuff. It was one of those things you thought might never happen. But a few years ago I actually did get on it from a bunch of natural flow and it was a blast. So I did have a little heads up on what the run was going to be like. It was fun, a little pushy, some technical rapids, and a few places where one rapid runs into another.

Another release coming up this Saturday. The shuttle should be smoother and more people know the lines. There were thousands of little fun holes and waves as well as some fun rapids. I don't think the new team guy is coming this time.
Here is the link to the video. Its in a new Quicktime format so you will need to have Quicktime 7.
It is the only way I could make a 4 plus minute long video only 9mb.
I showed this at Gauley Fest.
First Cheoah Release Video, Click This!

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