Monday, August 22, 2005

Young Guns at Skook Shooting for the Next Film.

Pat, Marlow and a host of others were out at Skook not too long ago and they sent in some photos that Tanya Shuman took.
The theme of the day seemed to be new shooting angles and fun with the Jet Ski. Tanya once again took some awesome shots. This is one of my favorite shots I have seen at Skook.

Cool shot of Pat doing it for the Jet Ski. Shows how close the boys are getting to the action right now.

Nice one Hal!
These two shots show how much these guys are having to really invest to make a video with a different look than what has been out lately. Kind of seems like it would be scary as hell with all those motors and noise and cameras pointed at you.

Here is a cool shot of James with his custom paint job either underdogging or helixing or something. James is actually also a great boat driver. He used to do alot of driving for the Canadian Coast Guard and he has shown me some amazing pictures of driving throught the surf in rescue boats. Maybe I can get him to send me some pictures. He also paddles pretty well.

The sad news lately has been that Marlow is out of action with a dislocated shoulder and is probably going to be in for surgery soon. We have had two big injuries to the team lately Yonton this spring and Marlow has been out most of the summer. I guess we are just going to need to take it a little easy. Nah!
Here are a couple links to the YGP page. The first one is to some amazing video clips of Pat and Mar.
As well as the home page link. Check'em out.
They will be premiering the new video later this year. All signs point to another amazing film. I can't wait to see it.
Young Guns Video Clips Page
Young Guns Video Home Page

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