Wednesday, August 17, 2005

How To Make a Kayak Part 2

The next thing is assembling the boat after it has been molded. The assembly stuff is pretty self explanatory but the thing that most people don't know is how hard it is to do it and make the boat look really good. I have tried a few times to assembly my personal boats or the teams boats and I always get fingerprints all over the boat, or I scratch it by accident. These folks that assemble the boats for us are smooth, and know how to do it. Frank that is in the video was assembling the boats so fast I couldn't catch him doing a Jefe the whole way so I finally just waited for the next boat which was a lil joe.
Maybe you have it now check the serial number.

Of course Frank makes it look too easy. It takes alot of time to be able to do it as quickly and smoothly as he does. When Woody and I go up there and try to assemble boats they laugh at us. The thing that you can take from the video for yourself is how to take the walls out and put them back in as well as using a thin screw driver or ice pick type thing to line of the holes for the seat screw.

Here are the videos of assembling a kayak. It was too long to do in one video so there are two parts.
Assembling A Kayak Part 1 Click Here
Assembling A Kayak Part 2 Click Here

Let me know what you want to see.

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