Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The wait for Buseater Wave to come in and the Chambly Rodeo (Pat Won)

Buseater Stakeout...
Buseater is the place where the biggest moves of the last couple years have been happening and the boys sent me in this update of their stakeout, and recon trips as they wait for the water level to move into the prime level. Lately the water has been just imbetween the levels for Big Bus and Mini Bus.

well, here we are 3 weeks into the 2005 buseater stakeout, and sadly, we are still being teased with water levels
we got one day in at 19.5, very close to big bus level, but it was basically still a big hole
ride totals for the day: Patrick – 5, Marlow – 3, LL soul boater, Hal Monkman – 9 8 full on beatings later we decided to call it quits, some earlier than others.

so, broken hearted, we decided to find a new wave to surf, and headed to montreal for the chambly big wave event
the water was high, and the wave was awesome
greening often, it is a tricky angled wave with a point that forms the sweet spot
here are some pics and vid from chambly

Chambly Video Link
the event went well, the visions killed it on the wave
marlow came 5th and pat won it.

we are back on the buseater stakeout now, will let you all know how it goes

mar and pat

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