Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Marlow and Pat on Minibus and Lachine.

Tanya Shuman just sent me a bunch of photos from her trip up north with Marlow and Pat.
They have spent a bunch of time waiting for the Buseater waves to come in.
They have also been working on using the jet ski in the big water that they are seeing.
This is a collection of Tanya's shots that are amazing.

All photos in this article are by Tanya Shuman.
Thanks Tanya

There is also a small video clip that Marlow put together for me.
LL Update Mar and Pat On Minibus

When these guys get around each other they tend to try to act cool there is only one problem
they are both complete geeks. However they are pretty good kayakers. Well let me rephrase that,
they can catch a wave at least.

You should notice the nice stache that Pat has going in that photo.
Enough cheese shots now some paddling pictures.

The YGP boys have been working on a video for quite a while now and are
hoping to come out with something this winter. With all the traveling and
paddling that I have been hearing about this should be an amazing video.
Especially seeing what Pat and Marlow have been doing lately.

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