Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Big Boatin' The Ocoee

Well we were over in Chattanooga showing boats at a Lake Demo in Chattanooga for Rock Creek Outfitters. We decided to head over to the Ocoee for some fun and watering. Since we had been showing and talking about lake boats all day we decided we better put them through the test of running the Ocoee.

Whitney, Lee, Scott, and I all jumped in long boats.
I was in a 12 foot Stingray open cockpit.
Lee was in a 14 foot Stingray open cockpit as well. This became quite a nuisance later in the day.
Whitney was in the Pisgah 14.
Scott was in a 15 foot Pyranha boat.
We came up with an advanced spray skirt system made from trash bags. That helped alot with the boats that didn't have spray skirts.

Its funny I don't think people knew what to think about us. We got a lot of funny looks. Some people seemed to think it was funny, some were perplexed, and some even seemed to scowl at us. People just don't understand that this is the wave of the future boats went all the way down to under 6 feet and now we are headed back the other way. I am just pushing the envelope. I am looking at developing a 20 foot whitewater boat soon because I see the demand really going off after this latest surge in Big Boatin'. I have also officially liscenced the name Big Boatin". Its kind of like Creek Boatin', or Play Boatin'.
It will be its own category within the next couple years.
Big Boatin' The Ocoee Video

If you are interested in the future of the sport you can also check out this video.
Big Boatin' The Chattooga Video
If you need a little excitement you should give it a try. But be careful some people just don't understand that this is where we are going with our sport. They are starting to feel intimidated, disillusioned, and lost in this new world that is Big Boatin'.

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