Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yonton Mehler International Man of Mystery and Loop to Shudder Rudder Expert.

Went playboating the other day with Yonton. We have had a great few weeks around here lately. Yonton and I got to paddle a bunch of creeks together so we decided to go do some playboating since the Green wasn't running nor was anything else. We took a trip up to Secret Spot on the Nolichucky it was a great level. Lots of loops, blunts, and wheels to be had.
Here is a little video of Yonton looping, blunting and wheeling in the Vision. He has also been perfecting his Loop to Shudder Rudder move. You have to see it.
Yonton International Man of Mystery

Unfortunately the next day while the Green was running a fat 200% again, Yonton hurt his shoulder while coming through the notch. He was still able to keep it together and have a sweet line at Gorilla but he may be laid out for a little while. He is accepting backrubs from all hot chicks.

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