Friday, February 18, 2005

Rock Island in the V44 and V56

Whitney and I went to Rock Island Tuesday and Wednesday for a couple reasons. The sun was out and the temperatures were headed for 70 degrees and I hadn't paddled my Vision since Africa because we have had so much good water on the Green until recently. These boats were some of the first production Visions out of the mold and that is always exciting. Its nice to get out in the boat that will be sent to all the paddlers and feel confident and good about the boat that you are putting out there.
Whitney had hurt her shoulder recently so she was a little tentative and nervous about getting in a new boat but she loves surfing waves so much that it overcame any nerves that she had. She wasn't into going in to the hole but she was ready to surf some waves. She hadn't paddled the Vision much in prototype form because she travels alot with the World Class Kayak Academy and wasn't around during much of the prototyping. The first things that I noticed was that the boat looked like it was easy for her to throw around, roll, and just handle. When she got out on the waves she took a couple surfs and then found the edges and all of the sudden she was carving sweet little turns, spinning, and starting to throw some moves, but had to back off a little so she wouldn't hurt her shoulder. Here is some footage from Rock Island. Its some of the first footage that we have had available of the Vision 44.
Visions at Rock Island

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