Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lots Going On This Week! Jefe Slideshow Included!

Last week we sent out the Jefe plug to the mold maker to make the alluminum mold. Its always a great time because all the sanding work is done and in a couple months the boats will start rolling in and you can get to the real fun of paddling a new boat. We started a new tradition when we send off a plug which involves cheap Champagne and Doughnuts. So after 9 months and a lot of work and playing.

Daniel at LVM just sent us this awesome slideshow of the Jefe in places all over the world.
Jefe Slideshow

I just love this shot so I put it in since we are getting ready to see a new mold for the Jefe. Why are our boats so shiney you ask. Well check out this mold. Here is a shot of one of the molders putting in the inserts that the grab bars are attached to in the plastic. You can see how smooth and shiney our molds are when they are finished. The Jefe mold won't be done until the end of March but I figured you might want to see what a mold looks like. I will put up more on this.

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